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Yanni’s Carthage Show: a Combination of Magic, Creativity and Energy


In front of an audience that overwhelmed the margins of the archaeological theater, the Greec artist Yanni presented the most prominent show ever happened in the 50th of Carthage International festival in terms of turnout and techniques.

Yanni, who will present two concerts in Tunisia, expressed his happiness to be there.He offered over more than two hours his most famous 24 musical pieces like “keys of imagination”, “the desire” and “the storm”.

As soon as he ended the recital, the voices of the audience applaud and cheered up asking him to give more and more. They didn’t get enough of the fabulous sounds and magical rhythm.

Yanni and his band’s performance has caught the Tunisians ‘s sight and breath. The audience left the theater overwhelmed by an incredible energy accompanied with feelings of love, peace and freedom.